About the founder

Paula Gouveia was born on 5th August 1987, in the city of Viseu, Portugal. She has a college degree in Journalism and Communication, a post graduate degree in Regional Journalism and a master’s degree in international Relations.

She decided to create Humanamente to promote a more informed, healthy and happy way of life.
The annual magazine has three editions in portuguese: “O projeto da felicidade” (The project of happiness in 2016), “Celebrar a vida” (Celebrating life in 2017) and “Sonhos” (Dreams in 2018).

This international component of the magazine is an outlet to try to spread our message further to a global audience. Humanamente aims to communicate simply and clearly, replacing walls with bridges and sowing knowledge, empathy and affection.

Paula Gouveia is passionate about writing, literature, music, cinema and art in general and tries to transpose all this interests into the project Humanamente, which is more than an anthology of knowledge, ideas and opinions: it intends to be an anthology of the feeling that we can all contribute to this walk that is life.